HHS Mandate – Are we STILL talking about that?

I hope to God.


(CARROLLTON, Cradle of Civilization) – So, I totally ripped this off of some 18-year-old kid’s website: Bad Catholic

This is what comes of using your brain - you see the obvious. Disconcerting, I know.

Marc asks the question – “Is contraception a right?” It’s worth taking a look at his post. Meanwhile, I would like to tag-team his question with another question stated as an emphatic – “Contraception is not health care.”

Those of us that scratch our heads as we gaze at the world around us need to rise up and Call Things What They Are™. Health Care is about health. And care. Like when someone is sick and you want them to be un-sick, aka healthy. And because you care for them, you care for them by carrying them to someone who can care for them and help them get healthy again. Because you care.

Sick is when things aren’t working properly. Health is when things are working properly. Health Care is making things that aren’t working properly start working properly.

A healthy human post-puberty is fertile. Fertility is actually a desired trait, quite necessary for the survival of the species. In fact, it can be argued that it is indispensable. Some might even call it “self-evident” although in these challenged times no once accepts the concept that something in front of them is actually there. After all, it might not be, how can you possibly know? (This is the quality of the debate…)

Chemically interfering with normally functioning humans such that they are rendered sterile is not health care. Mandating free sterilization is not part of health care. However one may argue for why contraception should or shouldn’t be a mandated right, we can all dispense with the lie that it is a health care issue because – it is not health care.


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