Nation’s Malady Now a Virtue


Found this oddly terrifying juxtaposition of magazines on my local grocery shelf:

Is it PC to be forgetful (aka feeble minded)

It just so happened that as I was walking down the aisle I was thinking about the malady known as political correctnessPCWorld magazine caught my eye, which of course read it as PC World, a topical magazine addressing all things politically correct. (I’m actually surprised at this writing that such a magazine hasn’t been published. Or, has it?) Then, below it, on the cover of Mired Magazine was the disturbing headline: “One pill to erase your worst memories. Want to try it?”

That sentence made me think of:

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Meaning, of course, that it made me think of Evil.

Since this pill erases bad memories, which are inconvenient, this pill will soon be a right and our employers will have to buy insurance that funds it. Because, LORD knows, inconvenience must be avoided in our pursuit of perpetual bliss.

See, when part of our body functions correctly, and it causes us, oh, remorse or perhaps a resolve to, say, sin no more – well, our rights are being trampled.

This will likely be a mandated pill in time for the 2012 elections, by the way.


Post Script – As part of the joy and wonder that is WordPress, I had a suggested link added to my post, and then I read it and followed the source and found this very detailed article about this “forget pill”. It is actually a link to the article online at Wired. Much of the article is about not so much forgetting, but dealing with the psychological trauma of horrific events such as we see in PTSD. There is a much more interesting issue to me that is assumed – and it has to do with suffering. But that, as they say at the end of Conan the Librarian, is another post.


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