Talking About Talking

on Productive Discussion


(CARROLLTON-Cradle of Civilization) – A productive conversation can be had arguing from the specific to the universal, or from the universal to the specific (though another step might be involved in that discussion) but very little can happen arguing from the general to the general. Discussions of this type amount to simply matters of opinion – people who favor this level of discussion generally are working from a presumption that all opinions have equal validity. This is demonstrably not so, for a person can have the opinion that 2 + 2 = 5.

In order to get past opinion you have to deal with specifics and universals. Otherwise you are farting in the wind.


Comments are fun and Educational! Comments currently are not moderated. I prefer commentators avoid the use of profanity or display overt hostility. I do not mind people arguing and putting forth their views and supporting those views. I only ask for that initial charity without which there can be no understanding.

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