Does Family Matter?

Is that even the right question?

Maybe it’s the village, right?

BY Frater Bovious

CARROLLTON, Texas — I’ll dispense with defining family, because it does not need defining; 2+2 = 4, no one wants to drive on a bridge where the builders have redefined 2+2 to fit the moment, so we can all just quit pretending that it is up for debate. We all know what family is.

But does it matter? Yes. In the absence of family, “society” becomes the primary social structure, the primary educator, the primary disciplinarian, the primary care-taker.

Is that good enough? Let’s just talk about education. Not just reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. I mean the holistic development of the human person. What parts of society are better equipped to educate children in the foundational things that matter? Do schools teach kids not to steal? Or to not lie and cheat?

Did you send your kid off to school to get educated or to get high? Or pregnant? Or to join a gang? Because, if family does not teach kids about drugs and sex and how humans should treat each other, school, that is, society, will teach them about those things.

Thing is, without a family, there is no telling what kids will learn in school. What about after school? If young adults haven’t been formed and educated by society in the kinds of things that make society functional, then prison will teach them those values, right?

I have a secret. I was a kid once. This gives me some insight into being a kid. As a kid, I can tell you that parents matter. Family matters. I am personally grateful that I was raised by my family, and not by a village. The village – that is, society, is most functional as an extended family. An extended family. Not a replacement.


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