A Lenten Movie Review, from 2011 of a 1973 Movie

The Global Exclaimer

(CARROLLTON) – Today I have decided to review and defend a movie typically NOT lionized by Christians in general: Jesus Christ Superstar.

As a lad (this movie came out in 1971 – actually that was the stage show, the movie was, I think, 1973) I remember the nuns in my grade school briefly discussing this movie. I believe the word blasphemy was thrown around. Naturally, I watched it as soon as I could. The song of the same name had become somewhat popular on the radio, and I remember being struck by certain lyrics. I am writing this from memory – the music was catchy and the lyrics fluid and easy to remember:

Jesus Christ, Superstar, who are you what have you sacrificed? – If someone really isn’t sure what Jesus was all about, this is a very legitimate question and deserves an answer. I think the nuns didn’t…

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