DINING – Morton’s Steak House

On another blog called the Cold Glass, there was an article about Monkey Gland. It reminded me that I had written about Monkey Gland back in 2009 on my other other blog. This is a restaurant review of sorts, and completely unrelated to anything in this current blog, except of course it’s about spirits…

The Global Exclaimer

La Fee Verte at Morton’s of Chicago

Steakhouse is our Last Name

DALLAS – Morton’s of Chicago, The Steak House, hosted an Absinthe tasting Friday night in downtown Dallas. Quick note, La Fee Verte is one of those charming French phrases with a dual meaning, depending on how you emphasize the pronunciation. It means both The Green Fairy and I Can’t Feel My Face.

When I heard about it on the radio, I googled it and found a write up at Yelp. I read their little review, and posted this tidbit based on my own absinthe experience:

Absinthe, as they say, makes the tart grow fonder. At least in your mind. Never eaten at Morton’s but I have had absinthe. Purists will insist that the whole setting on fire thing is simply gauche. The rest of the ritual is pretty fun though. The oils in the liquor mix with the ice cold water…

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