The human price of theological chatter

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OFFERED BY Frater Bovious from In The Light of The Law

Probably the largest misunderstanding of the Catholic Church (at least in the US) is that Catholic Teaching is up for vote or at least is subject to popular opinion. That is not the case, for much the same reason we don’t periodically vote on whether or not 2 + 2 = 4. Or to put it simply, the end in mind is not the preference of this or that person’s desires or political goals. Rather the end is the salvation of one’s soul. Canon law provides for the environment in which one can cooperate with the Good News. It is worth the effort to recognize and understand that pursuing one’s salvation usually means pursuing something other than immediate gratification.

In the Light of the Law

I’m just old enough to remember when Catholic theological rumination, especially moral speculation, was restricted to scholarly journals and professional conferences. The understanding in those days was that, whatever merits the latest theological or moral theories might enjoy, it was inappropriate for experts to parade such novelties before rank-and-file faithful lest they jump to premature or erroneous conclusions thereon.

In our day, however, the internet, to a degree that dwarfs the impact of the printing press in its day, has destroyed the old physical and technological restraints on the dissemination of doctrinal or disciplinary speculation. As a result laymen (in the sense of that word implying non-experts) are at the mercy of any Catholic intellectual—and for that matter of any Catholic prelate—who thinks that swaying public opinion in this direction or that is a good way to prove the soundness of this idea or that.

Well, as a Catholic academic…

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