Happy New Year

New Year’s Resolution Boldly Proclaimed


"resolultio" the process of reducing things into simpler forms.

Resolution: from Latin resolultionem: the process of reducing things into simpler forms.

(CARROLLTON, TX – Cradle of Civilization) I rashly determined to write a blog a week, and so on this 7th day of 2015 I am running out of time. Perhaps this is an appropriate time to reflect on the nature and direction of this blog.

I do intend to post at least weekly on something. The posts will likely be in response to some current event, or whatever happens to be top of mind at the moment. There will be attempts to illustrate God’s hand in all things at some level, though not necessarily overtly. This, to me shall be easy to do, since I believe that God’s hand is in all things. If this belief be true, then God’s hand should be fairly obvious, if one should only look.

I think the Latin root of resolution is interesting, and so with my New Year’s resolution to write a post a week, I will attempt to reduce things into simpler forms which will be used to gradually build a world view in this blog that demonstrates God In All.

Wish me lucks!



Comments are fun and Educational! Comments currently are not moderated. I prefer commentators avoid the use of profanity or display overt hostility. I do not mind people arguing and putting forth their views and supporting those views. I only ask for that initial charity without which there can be no understanding.

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