Is the Oscar Romero case asking the right question?

Sobering final thought: “Especially as the question is bound to rise again.”

In the Light of the Law

I have no doubt that Abp. Oscar Romero was a hero of the Catholic faith and the Salvadoran people. I have no doubt that he was murdered by soldiers in retaliation against what he bravely stood for, namely, Christian charity toward all. And I have no reasonable doubt that he is or is destined (hedging only because God works outside of time, so I am not sure what “now” and “later” exactly mean here) to enjoy eternal life with God.

Bearing that in mind, I thought that Pope Benedict XVI shared these basic views but was cautious about calling Romeo a “martyr”because the archbishop’s political enemies were clearly behind his murder—a view I thought at the time missed the central point. So what if the archbishop’s political enemies wanted him dead? Murder can still be martyrdom if, among other things, it is done in odium Fidei, regardless of whether…

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2 responses to “Is the Oscar Romero case asking the right question?

  1. O goodness — somewhere to comment after all! From the documentary, I believe Romero was warned and threatened repeatedly to stop offering Mass, or he would die. That qualifies as the traditional definition of martyr, doesn’t it — that he chose not to recant his faith?

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